Marilyn Monroe, 1956. 


Sobre La Belleza | Liu Wen by Dusan ReljinVogue España September 2011

August 28: Kendall and Kylie attend DuJour Magazine’s Cover Party (HQs)

My mind has been everywhere lately but at the same time, its been blank. Probably because I sense my spirit fixating more on this material world so its blank because its missing. While everyone is stressing themselves over focusing on the things that they want in life, I’m focusing more on what I do not want. This may not work for everyone but this method definitely allows me to know myself better and better and walk away from situations, places, or people that I do not want to be around rather than stressing and staying in a situation by making up excuses because “its what I want”. I’m not sure if what I said makes any sense but I do know that what we don’t want have more power over us than what we do want. I’m turning 23 soon and I still have no idea what it is that I want but I can tell you in a heart beat what I do not want. Sometimes, most times, I wish I was able to say in a job interview that my weakness is my natural ability to lose respect for people quickly. Very quickly. But that’s not considered “professional” since being professional means masking your truthfulness. I wonder if people realize that everything they have ever learned in life has all been a man-made concept. No one really knows the truth… But yet we give certain people a hierarchy because those people have wasted their lives listening to what others have created. It’s important to create. It’s also important to appreciate others creations. But to believe in it so much to the point where it dictates our lives? That gets in the way of us creating for ourselves.


Cole Mohr for Saint Laurent